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Its Taking its time.. but someday... someday

17 Members... and 11 posts.. Wow.

Someday.. when the community reaches the Magic 20 members mark. We should have some sort of celebration... where all 20 of us form Mecha SlipKnot now with more members then ever... and instead of being Shit like Slipknot actually are... we shall be good. But in said scenario... I refuse to be Dildo face...

So, anybody heard any good new bands or Albums recently?

What do people think of the Velvet Revolver album... Contraband. Man its some good shit, take a little Stone Temple Pilots, a lot of Guns n Roses... and you get the best of both Worlds. Stadium Rock and Grunge combined... nutritious..
Infact i'll start a few threads of Discussion, while im about..

a) Velvet Revolver.. what do people think.
b) Oxegen, Afterthoughts? Was I one of the only 10 people who thought The Cure were Minblowingly good!!
c) Probot...? The Albums been out for ages.. not many people are talking about it.. I think its a fuck load of fun.. Grohl Rocks.
and d) Eagles of Death Metal? Any Takers... I been downloadin some of there stuff and im likin what im hearin.. may have to get myself the Album.

So yeah, drown me in your opinions... lets get a big healthy musical arguement goin!
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