Eagles of Death Metal and Living Things on tour in Feb

Eagles of Death Metal and Living Things are going on tour together in February. is anyone going?
Feb 3 2009 Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, California
Feb 4 2009 Henry Fonda Theater - HOLLYWOOD, California [buy tix]
Feb 5 2009 The Fillmore - San Francisco, California [buy tix]
Feb 7 2009 WASTED SPACE - LAS VEGAS, Nevada [buy tix]
Feb 9 2009 The Martini Ranch - SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
Feb 10 2009 The Rialto Theater- TUCSON, Arizona
Feb 13 2009 Radio Show – Kansas City, MO
Feb 14 2009 The Blue Note - COLUMBIA, Missouri [buy tix]
Feb 15 2009 The Eagles Club - MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin [buy tix]
Feb 16 2009 RADIO SHOW – Columbus, Ohio
Feb 17 2009              20th Century Theater - Cincinnatt, Ohio [buy tix]
Feb 18 2009 Agora Theater - Cleveland, Ohio [buy tix]
Feb 19 2009 Mr. Smalls Theater - Pittsburgh, PA [buy tix]
Feb 20 2009             Phoenix Concert Theater - TORONTO, Ontario [buy tix]
I downloaded this MP3 of Living Things' "Let It Rain" and love it.

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Hi! I want to let you all know of a community I made. It's called dailypeppers and it's for fans of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here you can post anything about the band, as much as your heart desires! I'd like for this to become an active place where fans can all get together and have some fun while discussing RHCP. Please join if you're interested!



There's 21 people in this community... which is good for one that has zero promotion and effort put into it!!! So... I wanna know... How the hell is everyone... and is there any Irish metal heads in this country of ours on LJ?!

"Grunge", for lack of a better word... still fookin' rocks!
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Swedish Fish

Hey veryone, I'm seeking out a photo of Veruca Salt circa 1995, its the four of them sitting with the sky (very very blue) in the background. I really need this photo. thanks!


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"Every time I see your face..."

Liz Phair Bootleg. Whoo Hoo!--- "PottyMouth Girl"
Excellent cond. $6 plus 1.50 shipping. International shipment ask for a quote. I don't have it sitting right next to me, but theres more that 20 tracks. Email me nomen_mihi_est@ yah o dot com. Gracias amigas and amigos.

I have feedback at ebay , laundromatic and makeupalley.

caz im on fire!

jasus finaly found some people who like kyuss
thought i was goin mad there in the head
ar aon nos, any one goin to oxegen this year?
should be a laugh
sick of greenday and the frames but lookin foward to eagles of death metal and queens and james brown
get up agh, get on up,
just incase you`s go mad e.o.d.m are playin by the by
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i'm laura, i'm 19 and i go to Queens Uni but i'm actually from co. derry.
i've just joined and i think this community could be rocking if it where a just bit more active...

anyone headed to/been to any of the lizzy gigs that are happening around the country?? what you think?
i'm for the waterfront tomorrow night but i'm a bit apprehensive at the obvious missing part...should be interesting and even to get a wee taster of lizzy magic will be awesome.

and i know its only february but whats been your favourite gig of the year so far? i know this was posted a post or two back but velvet revolver where indeed absolutely mind blowing. that was bloody slash!! on stage!! and in a top hat!!
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